Financial Planner Confesses to the 47 Loopholes He Exploited to Make the Rich "Richer"

Published on October 18, 2017

Do you risk outliving your savings? This is a painful reality faced by millions of retiring Americans. However, thanks to 47 recently revealed loopholes, it’s possible for America’s seniors to gain a few extra hundred dollars a week, or even a few thousand a month, and live their retirement in comfort.

These are loopholes millions of hardworking Americans need to know about.

Because, despite working their fingers to the bone, one third of senior households have saved NOTHING for retirement.

These are honest people who spent their lives looking forward to taking it easy in their twilight years. And now as many as 25 million of them will spend it hunting in bargain bins, being forced to wile away the days watching reruns on TV and dreading getting sick because they can’t afford the meds to get healthy again.

If you’ve been lucky enough to save for a comfortable retirement, I salute you and you can stop reading. If, however, you’re like the millions of others seniors panicking over how you’ll sustain your lifestyle in the decades to come, this is the most important page you’ll read today.

Because the 47 little known loopholes I have to share with you are the same tricks the rich have used to fill their bank accounts, while the hapless folks in central government scratch their heads, clueless on how to stop them.

These loopholes can earn you more than a second job

You may be wondering how do I know about these 47 loopholes and what makes them so special? After all, you can get all the money saving tips you need from Bloomberg and MoneyWeek magazine , right?


My name is Zach Scheidt. You probably haven’t heard of me and that’s for a very good reason. Because until recently, I was the guy the rich went to for, shall we say, “unconventional” financial planning advice.

As a Hedge Fund Manager and Financial Consultant in Atlanta, I was paid a lot of money to uncover ways of setting up money pumping pipelines into my clients’ accounts.

These were people who made more money in a year (or sometimes even a month) than many people make in their lifetime. But that still wasn’t enough for them. And they hired me to find ways of milking the system for every last drop.

I’d spend my days studying the fine print of 401(k) instructions, analyzing musty financial reporting regulations and finding devious ways of using the intricate terms and conditions of life insurance companies against them. And my clients were getting rich beyond their dreams because of it.

What would I tell my daughters?

But I wasn’t born in this world. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my month or the sense of “entitlement” that hangs around those super wealthy types like overpriced cologne.

I come from humble beginnings. I grew up believing in fairness, generosity and equal opportunity. Watching how America’s oligarchs abuse the system, while hardworking Americans find themselves on the breadline, made me sick to my stomach.

When my daughters were born I had an epiphany. I knew that one day I’d have to explain to them what I did. Telling them that “Daddy helps greedy, sociopathic rich people get richer” was not the answer I wanted to give.

So I decided to take a hammer and smash the “rich club” cabal.

I quit their world to start a financial research company in Baltimore. Yes, plain, middle of the road, blue collared Baltimore. But trust me, I’ve had enough of being around the decadent elite to last a lifetime.

What’s In My Big Book of Income

I want as many people as possible to benefit from what I know about making money.

So I’ve compiled 47 of the most powerful loopholes, tactics and financial tricks that have made money for my clients hand over fist into what I call my “Big Book of Income”.

These tactics are surprising, cunning and, in some cases, ruthless. However, I promise you these loopholes are all 100% legal and you won’t have the Feds knocking down your door (that is unless the government wises up and closes them).

These “money machine” building tips include:

  • A tiny handwritten note to clip onto your social security application to get $570 extra every month like clockwork
  • A little known "billionaire trick" that adds $5,233.85 to your bank balance (it takes only minutes to do and has nothing to do with Bitcoins)
  • The income loophole used by a collective of former farmers known as the “Quincy millionaires” to quietly get automatic payments, which they’ve used to create a slice of paradise among the plains of Florida
  • A filing strategy discovered by Boston academic Laurence Kotlikoff that’s now exploited by 2% of Americans to chop a chunk from their tax return.
  • How to legally beat the IRS and claim half a year’s salary from the US government when you retire (just this tactic alone could transform your living standards in retirement)
  • How to claim a $152 Hanukkah cheque even if you aren’t Jewish
  • Steps to becoming a “digital landlord” and earn a backdoor income without owning a single property
  • How I helped my parents make $1,200 a month through the "homeowners income loophole" (that’s nothing to do with a tax rebate).
  • How to collect royalties when your favorite song is played on the radio even if you never wrote, recorded or performed in it (I still can’t believe how this works myself)

These are just a  few of the income secrets in my new book. You can find out what the others are in this short presentation I created.

How to Get Your Copy

Now, if you were thinking that you’d have to attend a “seminar” or “training workshop” to gain a copy of my book then I have good news for you (if you’ve been unlucky enough to attend one of these “startup business” events you’ll know how they’re little better than garbage sales pitches for pyramid schemes)

While my book isn’t totally free, it’s as good as.

This information is so valuable I didn’t want it to simply be a digital eBook or PDF that never gets read and is left to gather digital dust.

No, siree. I want to make sure people READ what I have to share. So I paid a printers to produce 100 or so PRINTED books, for people to read, annotate, share and earn great wealth from.

Now, I want to at least break even on this endeavour. So I’ve added a small amount to the shipping so we’re all square.

Why am I doing this?

You may be wondering why I’m giving info away all this valuable financial advice for practically free, which I charged my clients thousands of dollars in consultation fees for?

There are two reasons...

First, the idea that a third of seniors will spend their retirement in poverty is not the America I believe in. If you see someone in trouble then you should do whatever you can to help. That’s the American way.

I want to help as many honest, hardworking folk to make a few extra dollars a month, or a few thousand a month, as I can. If I can help people live their retirement in comfort and dignity I know I’ll be to look my daughters in the face and tell them that I’m doing good in this world.

My second reason for giving away information, which took me years to compile, is so I can introduce you to my monthly financial newsletter: Lifetime Income Report.

I’ll include a free copy with my Big Book of Income. You can then read it at your leisure and decide whether to stay on as a subscriber or just keep the book, at no obligation.

If that wasn’t enough, I’m also going to give you three bonuses:

  1. Little Booklet of Retirement Freebies - How seniors can get movie tickets, VIP seats and more for FREE (or at a big discount)
  2. 10 Ridiculous Tax Deductions Your Accountant Never Told You - How to keep more of your money from the new income streams I show you
  3. 9 Ways to Live into Your 90s - How some people never get sick, energy and enjoy active retirement

Find out more about my Big Book of Income and 3 bonuses

Having enough money in retirement is a choice

Even if you’ve saved for retirement, the world is an unstable place. If something happens in the housing market, the banks have to be bailed out again or if you or your partner gets sick, will you have enough money to get by?

Thankfully, living a financially comfortable retirement can be a choice. And I don’t mean choosing between making huge sacrifices or working until you drop. It can be as simple as choosing to make working SMARTER by setting up a few of the money pipelines I show you how to build in my book.

But I don’t want to put unrealistic thoughts in your head. My Big Book of Income is highly unlikely to turn you into a millionaire. You’d need a long string of luck for that to happen.

However, if you just implement one or two of the loopholes I reveal, you can potentially add several hundred dollars to your income, consistently month after month. Then if you follow more of the steps I show you, you may even add a few thousand dollars to your bank balance - money that can have a major impact on your living standards.

Just imagine not having to worry about about outliving your money?

To not dread the birthdays of your grandkids or Christmas because they’re expecting presents you can’t afford?

To not spend your retirement hiding at home watching daytime TV because you can’t afford to join your golf buddies? Or going on cruises instead of settling for walks around the park?

This is the lifestyle I want as many retirees to gain as possible. And I believe my Big Book of Income can get you there. There may not be such a thing as a free lunch. But my “Big Book of Income” comes close.

>>>Watch my short presentation on all the money making loopholes exposed in my Big Book of Income and how to claim your copy